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Note: Resurrecting The Witch is a small town paranormal romance with adult themes and content.

The Witch
I didn't want to go on a date, let alone a date where I was "matched" with someone from a goddess-forsaken app my so-called friends forced on me. He could be an axe murderer for all I knew. I had too much on my plate to even think about starting a relationship. I ran an island for paranormal folks to escape the humans and relax. My residents needed me and since there was no one else to run my family's haven for lost and weary souls, it was up to me. I didn't have time for boyfriends or dating or anything other than keeping my island in the Pacific safe.
So I ran, like I always do. I ran from the table and straight into my date's arms.
His hunky, muscular arms that connected to his hunky, muscular body.

The Zombie
I didn't want to go on a date, let alone a date where some feckin' computer told me who I was supposed to mate. I didn't need help finding someone. I woke up from my own bloody grave six months ago. I was trying to learn how to function in a world that had moved on without me. But I had to listen to my therapist, and I had to go on a date or my residency on this island could be called into question.
So, I walked into the restaurant with every intent on leaving early and wishing the poor lass luck on her future matings, but instead I was almost ran over by the very woman I Intended to let down easy.
My date, who had long and thick raven-colored hair. My date, who smelled like patchouli and rain. My date, who I'd have to convince to stay, because there was no way I'd let her go now.

Tempting the Gorgon-EBOOK.jpg
Note: Tempting The Gorgon is a small town paranormal romance with adult themes and content.

The Gorgon
I spent the last century tied to a male who saw my power as a way to keep his control. A century of commands I had no will of my own to resist left restless anger deep in my bones.
But that was before. This is now.
I find myself on an island for monsters like me, where my power isn't something wielded for a weak man's. My magic is my own.
I'm my own person again.
My gaze. My snakes. My body. My soul.
It's all about me right now. Which mostly involves opening my own business, sorting through my trauma, and avoiding a cocky vampire that reminds me too much of my past.
Even if he makes me feel things I thought I was too broken to experience.

The Vampire
I made it two centuries on this planet without catching feelings. I dated, sure. A lot. I found pleasure. A lot. But did I fall in love? Never. I was vehemently against it.
Until a painfully beautiful female with serpents for hair changed my mind when I first breathed in her delectable scent.
As the Fire Council chair for Haven Pass I have no choice but to watch the gorgon closely as she opens a new adult club. Do I normally keep this close an eye on new projects? Sure. Yeah. Absolutely.
It has nothing to do with my sweet venomous female... With her snakes. With her curves. With her need to eviscerate my ego with her sharp tongue and practiced eye roll.
She is nothing like anyone I've ever met.
And despite her pretending otherwise, I know deep down she wants me. She needs me.
But it doesn't matter how she pretends to hate me when her past comes crawling back for her.
Because she's mine.

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